If you’re worried about setting up your blog, don’t be.
WordPress has made it very easy for you, which is one of the
reasons why that blog script is so popular.
So let’s get started.
There are two ways you can set up your WordPress blog:
* An easy way (if you know how to do it)
* And an even easier way (if you have no prior knowledge about
setting up scripts)
Sounds good, doesn’t it?
If you don’t know how to upload files, chances are that your web
host has made it really simple for you to set up your WordPress
blog anyway.
So let’s take a look at the most painless way to set up a
WordPress blog.
This is how you do:
1: Log into your cPanel.
2: Navigate down to the Fantastico icon (it looks like a smiling
face, and it might be called Fantastico De Luxe).
3: Click on it, and find WordPress in the blog group at the top.
4: After you’ve clicked on the WordPress link, click on New
Installation, and locate your domain on the pull-down menu.
5: If you want to install your blog directly in the root of the
directory, leave the field “Install in Directory” empty.
If that is the case, you will go to your blog, when you type your
domain in the Address Bar of your browser, like
If you want to have your blog in a folder on your domain (like
http://mydomain.com/blog/), you should enter the name of the
folder in the field, e.g. here “blog”.
Be ware that the folder must not exist already.
6: Write an administrator name and password in the fields below.
7: Fill in the fields with the basic information about your blog,
like the administrator’s name, the blog’s name, etc.
8: Click on the button “Install WordPress” and then on “Finish
Installation”. You’re done.
As you can see, the lack of technical knowledge is no longer an
excuse for not getting your own blog.
Everybody can do it with Fantastico.

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To your Success!


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